How to Write an Essay About a Quote

How to Write an Essay About a Quote

When writing an essay about a quote, the author will often use the quotation as a hook or supporting structure for his ideas or arguments. It is recommended to use three quotations per paragraph; more can result in your work being too complex and confusing. Using quotations as an integral part of your essay will help you create an interesting piece of writing. However, it is important to include your own ideas as well.

Using a quote as a hook in an essay

Using a quotation in an introduction is often an effective way to catch the attention of your readers, but it’s important to choose your source carefully. When writing an essay about a specific topic, it’s best to stick to quotations that relate to the subject. A quotation from a famous philosopher, for example, can spark the interest of your readers without making your paper seem cheap. In fact, you can use a quotation related to just about any topic you choose.

Including a parenthetical citation

When using a quote from a book or article, including a parenthetical citation will ensure that you correctly credit the author. Cite the author’s name and last name within the parentheses. Unlike a paraphrase, however, a quote from a printed source does not need to be marked with quotation marks. The author’s name and page number should be included in the parenthetical citation.

Choosing a short quote

A short quote can be very powerful in a persuasive essay. It can amplify your argument and make your essay much more interesting. However, choosing the right one for your essay is not always easy. Here are some tips to ensure that your quotation is effective. Also, use it sparingly, and remember that a good quote can enhance the quality of your essay. Read on to learn how to use short quotes in persuasive essays.

Including a long quote

When you include a long quotation in your essay, be sure to follow MLA style guidelines. To write a proper essay, long quotes must be placed in their own block of text, beginning on a new line, and indented one inch from the left margin. For multiple-paragraph quotes, indent the first line by 1/4 inch. Whether you use a quote from a book, poem, or speech, be sure to give proper documentation and attribution.

Avoiding common mistakes

There are a number of mistakes students make when writing essays, and one of the most common is not correctly citing the quote. Most teachers want to see their students paraphrase the quote in their own words, but many students fail to follow this basic referencing rule. Citing a quote correctly means citing its page number, and nearly every referencing style requires you to do so. Be sure to consult your teacher’s instructions to learn how to cite a quote properly.

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