How to Write an Informational Essay

How to Write an Informational Essay

There are a few important aspects of writing an informative essay. Before you begin, you should do enough research on your topic. An effective introduction should be interesting and hook the reader’s interest. You should use questions as a way to encourage discussion and involve the reader in the issue. Incorporate outside sources, such as research papers or other articles, to help you create a powerful essay. Once you have enough information, you can write an intriguing thesis statement and body paragraph.

Doing enough research before writing an informative essay

Usually, students pick topics for informative essays that they already know about or are interested in. However, this approach has its drawbacks, as students may be unaware of the topic’s nuances and definitions. To avoid such problems, it is important to conduct enough research before writing an informative essay. Following are some tips to keep in mind while selecting topics for informative essays. You can also select a topic from the list below.

Organizing facts in a body paragraph

Organizing facts in a body paragraph in an informational essay helps the reader stay focused on the thesis statement. You may also want to make sure that you have a strong organizational pattern, so that your thoughts can be analyzed and formulated. Keeping this in mind, you should create a plan before you start researching. Depending on the type of assignment, you might want to include more than one paragraph in your body.

Using outside sources

Using outside sources when writing an informational composition is a good practice, but it must be used with caution. For instance, you should not use a dictionary definition if you know how to do better. Only quote and cite information taken from other sources. This is a sign of insufficient initiative on your part. Moreover, it is not acceptable to copy text from other sources word for word. It may also be an indication of laziness or dishonesty on the part of the student.

Thesis statement

A Thesis Statement for an Informational Essay sets the direction for the entire paper. For instance, a paper on the Amazon rainforest should describe how it is destroying local climate and biodiversity. This thesis statement should sound non-controversial and should be based on factual information. A thesis statement for an informational essay should not engage in a debate or make the reader feel that they have been mislead.

Body paragraphs

There are six basic steps to crafting an engaging body paragraph in an informational essay. These steps must appear in fixed places. A good example of a body paragraph is the one found in an essay on William Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night.” It includes a topic sentence, evidence, an analysis, and proof of the writer’s objective. The body concludes with a transition to the next paragraph.

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